In a poll that we didn’t even know was being conducted, Eminem was voted the Most Popular Celeb Dad by “social network aggregator Starcount.” Now, had we known this even existed, we probably would have exhausted our efforts to make Eminem No. 1 simply because of the fact we’re still harboring all sorts of crushes on him. It’s that bad boy thing. Whatevs.

In a shocking (and somewhat controversial) turn of events, the rapper ultimately beat out President Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, and uh … Homer Simpson, for the title. Dad to his 16-year-old daughter Hallie with ex-wife Kim, he also adopted his niece Alaina and Kim’s daughter Whitney. How’s that for responsibility?

We’re not sure if he knows he received this prestigious title, though. It could be because he’s currently working on a follow up album to his 2010 hit ‘Recovery,’ on Miley Cyrus‘ new album, which is said to take the star from teen to sexy young adult. Em’s also busy promoting the Nintendo Wii game ‘Acid Ghost.’ All we know is we’re excited for Eminem to come back into our lives.

All of Em’s responsibilities may explain why he takes his sleep so seriously — chances are he doesn’t get much of it! Happy Father’s Day, Eminem!