When Chris Brown and Rihanna's 8,732nd split was announced earlier today, the Internets went wild looking for anyone at which to point its collective troll finger.

Apparently one of those fingers landed on a self-proclaimed actress and model (read: waitress) named Keisha Kimball, who was spotted holding hands with Brown. But it's not what it looks like!

TMZ reports that Rihanna and Brown split and get back together like this all the time.

The site nabbed a photo in which Kimball was snapped locking fingers with Breezy on Saturday night at the Playhouse Nightclub where she's a server, but she insists there's no funny business going on -- because she's not a gambling woman and has no interest betting on black.

“I am always Chris’ waitress," she explained. "I know him and am friends with his friends. Nothing has ever happened. I just work there. In the photos, he was handing me a bottle to drink out of. Of course people are going to twist it another way. I don’t go for black guys."

She also noted that while Brown is usually a great tipper, he stiffed her on gratuity last week, but not anywhere else.

Don't worry, Kimball. What you lost in tips you made up for in Google Alerts.