A quick glimpse at Rihanna's Instagram account shows she's a fan of partying and living lavishly. The photos on the social networking site are actually a bit of a come-up story, however. The 'Pour It Up' singer is worth $43 million, but in 2009, she was "effectively bankrupt."

According to TMZ, the Bajan superstar was worth $11 million in the beginning of 2009, and bought a house worth $7 million after being approved to do so by her accountant. With $2 million left, her expenses doubled by the end of the year, leaving her in poor financial standing. To make matters worse, Rihanna lost money on her Last Girl on Earth Tour, which she never learned from her accountant.

So one of the most popular artists in the 21st century had to sell her home for $2 million less than what she bought it for. She later sued the accountant for gross mismanagement.

Rihanna bounced back quickly through endorsements, touring and continuing to produce Billboard-charting hits. It doesn't look like she's going to be in financial strife any time soon. Her recent Diamonds World Tour grossed a total of $141.9 million, according to Pollstar.