Rappers Rick Ross and Jeezy end their long-standing beef and team up to annihilate haters on the bombastic song 'War Ready.' The single will appear on Rozay’s upcoming album 'Mastermind.'

Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, the track features the Miami boss and the CTE leader aiming lyrical shots at anyone who dare to cross their path.

"War ready, the game just wanna take my life / War ready, p---- boy we all could die tonight / War ready, fast cash above the law / War ready, gas mask when them choppers talk," seethes Ross on the song.

Jeezy follows as he steps to the frontline and sprays his gritty rhymes at his detractors.

"Give me the K and a shovel, I'll bury that n---- / Be his pallbearer, so I can carry that n---- / What you gonna hit him with, the Glock or the chop? / Look I wouldn't give a f--- if they were sharin' that n----," he raps.

Fair warning, Ross and Jeezy’s nihilistic lyrics can be a little overbearing over the course of seven minutes. Nevertheless, it’s good to see two rap powerhouses end their feud and make music together.

Rick Ross’ 'Mastermind,' due out March 4, boasts guest appearances from Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, the Weeknd, Meek Mill, Scarface, Big Sean and more. Peep the LP's tracklist below.

'Mastermind' Tracklist:

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