In today's daily edition of SYAD Daily. Rich Homie Quan is doing the most, he was spotted at a CIAA party with some of the tightest clothes I have ever seen on a man. All while doing a dance that looks very strange. Rich Homie Quan has went on record claiming that he is straight and has no interest in men. When Rich Homie Quan first stepped on the rap scene he didn't pull these kind of stunts.

It seems like ever since he has been collabing with Young Thug it seems as if Rich Homie is adopting his flamboyant style. Young Thug has played around with wearing dresses and lip stick and calls other men his hubbie's. The cartoon Boondocks predicted this awhile ago and we just laughed. Rappers started rocking purses and skirts on the cartoon. The industry told you it was fashion, and everyone accepted it.

Rich Homie Quan is free to do what he wants. But I'm sure there are gay men who are tired of them pretending to be gay for publicity. If he's gay, then live your truth. If not, then drop the act. It's stupid and confusing.