The parents of a 3-year-old boy claim that "f---- you" were some of his first words after he learned them from a broken "Peppa Pig" toy.

Amari Black was born with rickets and so his parents hoped the toy would help him improve his speech, but instead they say it has taught him expletives. Check out the video and see if it sounds close.

"I was disgusted, I thought he had learned it at nursery," dad Garfield Black said. "But then when I was playing with him I realised that it was Peppa Pig that was teaching him it – I was very upset. I was going to destroy it, that's how angry I was. Now he's saying it constantly and he finds it funny

I tell him swearing is wrong but he keeps saying it now. We want our kids to be happy so we work hard to buy these things for our kids but they just go and teach them. The dilemmas of being a parent, do you think that the company did this intentionally?  You never know what motivates people do things now a days I hope this all a coincidence.