I don’t know man but something has to be done about this bail reform law, something doesn’t sit right with me.

Right now I know you’ve seen more bad reports coming out than good, I’ve seen them too, so much so I have to write about them. This story is just bizarre and goes to show you that some folks have no boundaries or consideration for the law. They will find loopholes in laws and have no regard to following them, which is what took place over the weekend out in Rensselaer.

So this dude, 43 year old Gerald Batcher III, was arrested by Rensselaer police, accused of grabbing his victim by the neck and choking a woman while she held their 5 month old baby. He was then arrested once he returned to the residence after leaving before police arrived. Okay so consider that his warning, because with the new bail reform, he was released with only an order of protection issued. I don't think these rules apply for everyone and if it was someone else they would've found some type of loophole to keep the person arrested.

He wasn’t taken to jail the first time. Do you think that stopped him? One hour later he went back to the residence, fully knowing he had an order of protection against him but due to the bail reform he was released. It took a second time for him to be arrested again and finally sent to jail.

Order of protections are used when you feel your life is in danger. He was violent towards his victim, he should have been locked up the first time. This is why everyone is outraged with this new law, I get why some are in agreement with it. But I have yet to hear of any news where this is helping innocent victims and/or innocent people in the system.

I’m waiting…I’m just waiting….the outrage is only going to get louder.

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