You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the music industry without at least one tattoo. Even Bieber went from having a finger-nail sized dove on his torso to a whole damn sleeve. Body art is a little more prevalent in hip hop than any other genre, though. When you have as many tats as someone like, say, Lil Wayne, there’s bound to be a few tats that suck. assembled a list of some of the worst ink-jobs in rap.

Flo Rida appears on the list mainly because of the quality (or lack there of) of a portrait of a music legend. Birdman’s name got dropped, mostly because of the placement of his tats (on his dome). But these suckaz made the list because the tats, well… were just really bad judgment calls.

Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone on his face obviously made the cut. He told MTV that it represented that he was “the coldest MC in the game.”

Remember when Game was “The Game” and the hottest rapper to hit the scene when he joined forces with G-Unit? You know, back when he had that BUTTERFLY tattooed on his cheek?! At one point he attempted to cover it up with the LA Dodgers logo, but you could still see part of the wings. Nowadays he has a giant red star covering both tat flubs.

Two “case of the ex” situations also made the list. Both Iggy Azalea and Jermaine Dupri documented relationships with former lovers on their bodies. While dating ASAP Rocky, the Australian rhyme-slinger with the big ol’ bu-donk, tatted Live, Love and ASAP on the inside of three of her fingers. When the pair broke up, she immediately went and got a giant “X” tatted over ASAP’s name (ouch).

Dupri’s ink was a little more intense. Not only did he have a portrait of his now-ex tatted on his body, it has sentimental value. Back in 2009, he got Janet Jackson’s face inked on his torso for her 43rd birthday. Awww! Don’t be alarmed at the beach if you see JD swimmin’ with his shirt on.