When Tupac rapped about the changes he wished to see in the world he wasn't talking about fashion. But in hip-hop, artists have gone through drastic style transformations from their first entry into the music industry to their present day status as a chart-topper. Some of the threads rappers wore in the early '90s aren't so fresh to death these days.

From Public Enemy to Run-DMC, LL Cool J to OutKast and Wu-Tang Clan to Nas, these MCs not only created memorable tracks during the golden age that stand the test of time but they've helped raise hip-hop from the underground to the mainstream. Under their watch, hip-hop has grown into a movement that influences style, sound, and pop culture. And although some rhymers have faded into obscurity, there are many who have continued on with their careers.

But to keep it current, they had to evolve. Whether it was the clothes they wore or shedding some weight, these artists adapted to the changing times. Of course, there are rappers who look just as young as they did in the '90s or early 2000s, and others who've noticeably aged and changed up their style -- for better or for worse. Take a trip down memory lane to check out 10 rappers' transformations from back then to now.

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