Who goes on Instagram Live to fight and throw hands?  Azriel Clary & Joycelyn Savage – that’s who.

I saw the footage and it was wild.  I knew them girls weren’t in love or anything like that, just two brainwashed chicks being abused and used by Kelz.  Supposedly Azriel went live to protect herself because she wanted to pick her stuff up from Kelly’s Trump Tower residence where she was staying.  During the live feed, she began arguing with Joycelyn and they got to throwing blows.  You can’t see exactly see who hit who but you can  tell the love they had between them if any is gone. 

Some think this is a staged fight, but you gotta be a hell of an actor to be scrapping like that and throwing out sexual abuse allegations.  R. Kelly wouldn’t allow neither one of them girls to watch the Lifetime Documentary and Azriel yelled that out on the live feed also saying that Joycelyn had sex with her when she was underage.  Both girls are getting evicted from Trump Tower anyway as R. Kelly’s financial troubles are coming to haunt him and he can no longer afford the place. 

I just hope these two girls finally see the light and separate from all this drama and get the help they need.  The whole situation is just horrible and extremely sad as these two young ladies are going to be messed up psychologically and emotionally for a long time to come!

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