For nearly 25 years, R. Kelly has provided too many hits and classic songs for us to even attempt to keep count. Bursting onto the scene alongside Public Announcement in 1992, the Chicago native has continuously evolved as an artist, from the way he crafts his songs to his look and everything in between. While controversy has been very much a part of his career, he's managed to quiet many critics with his knack for concocting timeless tunes and becoming one of the most iconic artists of this generation.

The 48-year-old singer dominated the '90s with multiple critically acclaimed albums and building a reputation as one of R&B's most gifted songwriters. The millennium was a rocky period for the crooner. Despite being embroiled in a child pornography scandal, the allegations didn't do much to slow down Kelly's impact on the music world.

In 2003, Kells released Chocolate Factory, which sold over three million copies worldwide. His following LP, Happy People/U Saved Me, marked yet another platinum-selling achievement for the singer.

On July 5, 2005, R. Kelly dropped his seventh studio LP, TP.3 Reloaded, which gave him his fourth No. 1 album. While falling short of the high expectations set by previous releases, the collection was a solid effort.

With 10 years having passed since its arrival, we took a look back at the five songs from the album that hold up the best.

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    "Happy Summertime"

    Featuring Snoop Dogg

    We get blessed with a laid-back selection with the Snoop Dogg-assisted, "Happy Summertime." The two legends mesh perfectly together, bouncing off of each other on the track with the Doggfather proving that he's still got plenty of lyrical tricks up the sleeve. Kells wins with this breezy ditty that is sure to make you bust a dance move at a moments notice.

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    "Playas Only"

    Featuring The Game

    R. Kelly takes it to the club on "Playas Only" featuring Game. The dynamic duo ball out over production by Scott Storch and the Pied Piper himself, and do so lavishly with their playalistic musings. The second single released from TP.3 Reloaded, "Playas Only" failed to make much noise on the Billboard charts, but continued Kells' streak of quality material tailor-made for radio.

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    "Slow Wind"

    On the Caribbean-tinged heater "Slow Wind," which is written and produced by Kelly, himself, the Chicago crooner requests a private dance from a lovely lady. There are elements of reggae peppered throughout the beat that compliments the lyrical content to a tee. The song was mildly successful but its accompanying music video had a strong run on multiple video countdown shows.

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    "Trapped In The Closet Chapter 1"

    The original "Mr. Steal Your Girl," R. Kelly's past dealings with other men's women has been documented on songs throughout his career, most notably his dealings with Mr. Biggs' wives and his god-daughter. He gets back to his thievery on the popular soap opera-inspired "Trapped In The Closet Chapter 1." It's a riveting storytelling track that sees the crooner caught in a precarious position after leaving the club with a woman that - unbeknownst to him - is already in a relationship. While this chapter of the series is just the tip of the iceberg, it sets the stage for one of the longest running musical sagas in history and had listeners on the edge of their seats waiting for the next plot twist.

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    "In The Kitchen"

    Kelly gets sensuous with the conceptual track, "Sex In the Kitchen." Notorious for his sexual innuendo, the crooner crafts a heater in which he paints a vivid picture of an erotic encounter in the setting of a kitchen. "Girl, you're in the kitchen cooking me a meal / Something makes me wanna come in there and get a feel / Walk around in your T-shirt with nothing else on / Strutting past, switching that ass while I'm on the phone," he sings. The veteran songwriter proves why he's regarded as being one of the most talented scribes in the music industry.

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