When it comes to entertaining rap fans across the world, few have done it on the level of Missy Elliott. Known for her infectious hit singles and classic music videos, she has carved out a niche as the most colorful female rapper in hip-hop.

After starting her career as a member of the female r&b group Sista and working with Jodeci member Devante Swing, Missy teamed up with Timbaland and released her 1997 debut album, Supa Dupa Fly.

The collection instantly established her as one of the more unique artists in the game. Returning in 1999 with her sophomore album, Da Real World, Missy rose to become an artistic visionary, dropping multiple hits including "She's a Bitch" and "Hot Boyz."

The Virginia rapper's next three albums, Miss E... So Addictive (2001), Under Construction (2002) and This Is Not A Test! (2003), caused her stock to rise exponentially due to a barrage of chart-topping singles and a plethora of Grammy Awards nominations, marking her transition from a standout rapper to a full-fledged pop star. Missy's sixth album, The Cookbook, released on July 5, 2005, would fall short of the success of her previous efforts, but would net her a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

The Cookbook would be Missy's last album to date before taking a reprieve from the music scene after being diagnosed with Graves' disease. However, the 44-year-old veteran rhyme-slinger has been making plans to return to the rap game.

With 10 years having passed since the release of The Cookbook, we've selected its five best tracks for you to feast on. Enjoy.

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    "On And On"

    Missy Elliott takes the flow back to the golden era with "On and On." Produced by The Neptunes, the track employs steely drums, sinister organ keys, and quirky soundbytes, making for a ear-popping selection for Missy to spit her rhymes. Throwing nods to DJ EZ Rock and Rob Base as well as Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick on the hook, "On and On" is yet another example of the rapper's appreciation for the old-school hip-hop and its pioneers.

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    "Can't Stop"

    Things get bombastic on the LP's standout track "Can't Stop." The song is raucous banger that sees Missy getting frisky on with sensual lines like, "You used to talk that kinky s--- up in my ears / And you would buy pretty pink underwears / And I would moan cause you would make me feel nice / And you would make me feel like making love twice. The Virginia native lays down her signature swagger with ease. Produced by Rich Harrison, the production is powered by thunderous drums, distorted bass and subtle cowbells that burst into your ears.

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    "Teary Eyed"

    Missy leaves the raps alone and puts her abilities of a vocalist on display for "Teary Eyed." Co-written and produced by Warryn Campbell, the song laments the devious ways of a former lover and the pain he's caused her throughout their relationship. The song failed to make any noise on the Billboard music charts but it's a noteworthy tune on the album.

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    "Remember When"

    Missy goes into full songstress mode on "Remember When," a reflective number that sees the artist keeping it brutally honest. Co-produced by Craig Brockman and Elliott herself, the beat is peppered with light percussion and keyboards. Recounting her moments of infidelity and mistreatment of her significant other, Missy shines on this in a big way and delivers a beautifully melodic tune.

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    "Lose Control"

    Missy hit it big with "Lose Control," her collaboration with Ciara and Fatman Scoop. The song was the first single released from The Cookbook and it dominated club playlists for the better part of the the year. The dance track also won a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video, while the song itself received a nomination for Best Rap Song.

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