265 million people shop at Walmart each week. That is a lot of people coming and going, looking through aisles of product, trying on clothing and shopping for the family. With that many people each day, week or month it must be impossible to catch someone stealing from them right? Wrong.

Three New York residents were busted in the Capital Region recently, even though they tried to pay for their items at Walmart. So, why were they arrested?

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On the afternoon of Friday October 14th, according to New York State Police, officials at the Walmart in Queensbury suspected that three individuals were attempting to pay for their items with forged U.S. currency. The money was fake! Troopers responded but they had left the store.

In less than one hour New York State Troopers were able to locate a vehicle that met the description of the 'getaway' car. The suspects were approximately 20 miles away from the Walmart in Queensbury when they were stopped on I-87 in the town of Wilton.


Once Troopers had the vehicle stopped there was an investigation that quickly led to the discovery of additional forged U.S. currency and it doesn't end there. Each of the 3 are suspects in other crimes involving fake money and additional charges are expected to follow. For now, these three were taken into custody and taken to State Police in Wilton for processing.

  • Nicholas Hendricks, 29 of Brooklyn, NY - Possession of a Forged Instrument in 1st Degree
  • Terry S. Walley, 28 of Troy, NY - Possession of a Forged Instrument in 1st Degree
  • Kayla Vargas, 25 of New York City - 2 counts, Possession of a Forged Instrument in 1st Degree

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