If you haven’t heard by now producer DocOnDaBeat issued the 100 clip challenge. The challenge is for the hottest rappers to make their best track over his 100 clip instrumental. If you're not familiar with Doc On Da Beat he is the producer of many hits including J.I. The Prince Of NY’s single Needed Me.

Here is a quick video of Doc giving up the details about the 100 Clip challenge. He is even offering free beats and studio time for the winner. Check out the details in the video.

I think its always good when people work together to help each other win and that is exactly what Doc is doing here. I can’t wait to hear the music that comes as a result of this challenge. Submissions ended April 31, 2020.

Stay posted because I want to add some of the video submissions that Doc gets here on hot991.com. Salute to Docondabeat for issuing the 100 clip challenge.

Check out DocOnDaBeat on Soundcloud.

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