It is never good to see any local business go away. Especially when, in my case,  I never was able to eat there. I hear amazing things about this place though.

This indeed is your last chance, if you are searching for a place to get grub tonight, maybe the Merry Monk on North Pearl in Downtown Albany should be your destination. The owner of the establishment, Jeremy O’Brien, says he is burned out. Beyond that, business hasn't been booming in the summer months or in recent years according to the Times Union.

This comes in the wake of closing the restaurant's second establishment in Saratoga not too long ago.

Numerous employees will now be looking for work and the sad part is, some of them have been there since the day the eatery opened its door for the first time 7 years ago.

Have you ever eaten at the Merry Monk? Did you like it?

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