Maybe I’ll get to try it this time!! Albany & Troy Popeyes ran out within hours, and lines were out the door.

The restaurant chain announced that its infamous chicken sandwich would be available again starting Nov. 3. Additionally, the sandwich will now apparently be a full-time menu item, assuming another sell-out doesn't occur like the one that started the chicken sandwich war months ago.

Supposedly Popeyes is taking measures that training and other procedures have been put in place to meet the expected surge in traffic. Like how could they not see it coming in the first place? Their chicken is already like crack and then to introduce it on a bun they think it was going to be like any other day when you walk into a Popeyes?

They literally had people buying just the tenders and putting it on their own buns. Why? Because that’s what Popeyes said on their twitter account like they were mocking themselves in a way but it was clearly marketing genius.

Is the hype of this sandwich really just all hype?

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