The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that five people are in custody in connection to Pop Smoke's murder. Now, authorities have also shared additional details about the suspects.

On Thursday (July 9), Los Angeles Times reporter Richard Winton shared two statements from the captain of the LAPD, Jon Tippet, via Twitter that express confidence in the suspects that have been apprehended. "We are confident we have the five individuals responsible for the killing of Bashar Jackson," Tippet said.

In another tweet, Tippet spoke on the relationship between the five suspects—three adults and two juveniles—and Pop Smoke, who was killed on Feb. 19. "We believe that Pop Smoke posted his location on social media and that is how they found him," the police captain continues.

The Brooklyn drill rhymer was shot and killed after several men entered the Hollywood Hills home where he was staying. The LAPD said during a press conference at the time that there were two to six suspects and the home's alarm system had not been turned on by the occupants.

Following the news surfacing of Pop Smoke's death, social media users discovered that the 20-year-old rapper had gifts sent to the home where he was staying the night before he was killed. Pop shared images of the items online and accidentally showed his location. The video footage, which could be found on his official Facebook page, was uploaded hours before the home invasion took place.

Pop had also posted a series of photos on Instagram, showing him and a friend holding a large amount of cash, which could have been a motive for the intruders.

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