In 2016, author and poet Danielle Colin started a open mic poetry night at Troy Kitchen (77 Congress St.).

Teaching artist and author, D. Colin has performed at venues throughout the United States as well as in Toronto, London and Glasgow, Scotland internationally. D. Colin has also competed at the National Poetry Slam (2012) and at the Women of the World Poetry Slam (2016) Her first collection of poems entitled Dreaming in Kreyol pays homage to her Haitian heritage. D. Colin currently resides in Troy, NY where she curates and hosts a weekly open mic called Poetic Vibe.

Get ready for the showcase of the year! Kicking off National Poetry Month with, the 1 Year Celebration of Poetic Vibe at Troy Kitchen.

This event will reunite many of the amazing poets who have graced the stage in the last year at Poetic Vibe. The show starts at 7pm and wraps up with a DJ and dancing.

Tickets are $10 online and at the door.

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