I've only seen a car on fire in the movies, on the news, and on TV, but to see it in person on Friday was a whole different experience.

I was driving my Jeep over the Crossgates Best Buy to pick up a new computer monitor when I noticed some black smoke near the Best Buy parking lot. I thought, maybe I should go check out where that smoke is coming from just in case someone needs some help since I carry a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in my Jeep.

Well as I got closer I realized that it was a black 4-door sedan car that was fully engulfed in flames. Crossgates security as well as a Guilderland Police Officer were already at the scene of the fire. They were trying to get cars around the fire moved safely and to keep the growing crowd of bystanders back from the fire.

After taking some pictures and video the Guilderland Fire Department got there and put out the fire pretty quickly. Fortunately, there weren't injuries reported...unfortunately, you can tell from the photos and the video that the car was a total loss.

Don't miss the video after the picture gallery.

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