Causing a stir at the Oscars last night for wearing shorts, Pharreezy couldn't be more "happy". His new album "GIRL" is dropping tomorrow, controversial cover and all!

With the Grammy win for producer of the Year, success of his collabo with Daft Punk for "Get Lucky" & Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", this guy is back with a vengeance!

Pharrell has always been known for his unique style. He came into the game as a grungy skateboarder. He wore a forest ranger hat to the Grammy's & now a short tux to the Oscar's!

Now the new album "GIRL" is getting alot of heat for not featuring any racially diverse women on the cover.

The song "Happy" is huge, getting an Oscar nomination for the film "Despicable Me 2". This is Pharreezy's first album in eight years! With all the media hype & recognition he is getting, how could he not be "happy" to be back in the game. GIRL is in stores as of tomorrow.


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