Interview With Sounds of Blackness Director Gary Hines
Today I had the pleasure of meeting for the second time Mr.Gary Hines the director of the Grammy Award winning group The Sound of Blackness.
If you don't know them well they'll definitely be making their presence known this Saturday at The Black Arts and Culture Festival...
Albany Teens Win !
Congrats to Lee Reh and Rah-mene McDuffie, who record under the name Young Noble Gentlemen, they won the national Above The Influence contest. This comes with a prize package that includes $5,000 cash and tickets to the 58th annual Grammy Awards...
Grammy Line Up
After winning the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for ‘Glory’, from the MLK movie ‘Selma,’ Common and John Legend will perform the tune at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Also hitting the stage is Usher and Pharrell Williams.
Grammy Noms
Nominations for the 2015 Grammy Awards were only just announced, but Beyonce is already one of the event's big winners.
2015 Grammy Nominations
It's that time of year. A partial list of nominees for the 2015 Grammy Awards were announced on Friday morning (Dec. 5), and right from the jump, Beyonce, Sam Smith and Pharrell Williams are in the running for the coveted trophy.
Must Watch: Beyonce Reacts to Blue Ivy [VIDEO]
I loved Beyonce from day 1, dating back to the early Destiny's Child days.My love for her music and her being just keeps on a growing!! Especially after seeing this quick little clip that I just had to share with all of you.

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