It's supermoon time again tonight. This will be one of only two supermoons this year. It is called the pink moon but it isn't because of the color of the moon, it's because of the flowers that bloom this time of year.

Look up to the sky tonight because it's perfect for seeing the pink moon in the Capital Region sky. It will be mostly clear and cool tonight. You will be able to see the supermoon which means it's ninety percent or one of the closest points to Earth that you will see the moon this year. This will be the biggest, brightest moon we will see all year according to News 10 ABC.

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Clear skies in the entire Capital Region will yield the biggest and brightest moon at its peak at 11:31 pm tonight. But it won't be the only time you can see it. The fullness of the moon will appear through early Wednesday morning. The "pink" moon isn't actually pink in color. The name comes from creeping phlox which is actually an herb moss that blooms in early springtime with pink-colored flowers.

If you miss tonight's supermoon, the other big one will happen on May 26th. It will actually be just a tiny bit bigger and brighter. But after the May supermoon, that will be it for 2021.

I will have my phone ready to snap some great shots of the pink moon but the camera on my phone never does it justice. I am not sure why. My camera on my phone is awesome for everything else except taking pictures of the sky.

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