The Perseid Meteor Shower began on July 25th but its peak will be tonight. Summer weather makes it a nice night to look up at the Capital Region sky and see tons of shooting stars. I say you grab a blanket and your sweetheart, find a cozy place on the grass away from city lights and watch the show. Conditions should be perfect to experience the wonder of the meteor shower.

The best time to view the Perseid Meteor Shower is starting at 10:40 pm in the Capital Region. If you are in a dark place and the sky is clear you will see up to sixty shooting stars per hour at its peak. The peak of the meteor shower will be from midnight Wednesday night (August 11th) through sunrise on Thursday (August 12th). If you can't get enough or miss it, don't worry. Even though there won't be as many, you will still be able to see more shooting stars on Thursday night into Friday morning.

There will be a new moon which helps to keep the sky dark for the best possible viewing. Make sure you check it out this year because next year there will be a full moon in the sky making it very difficult to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The meteor shower will continue through August 18th but the best time to see the most shooting stars will be tonight into tomorrow morning and then again Thursday. Make sure you make a wish upon a falling star. Here's to your wishes coming true.

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