When interviewed by Andy Cohen last night on Watch What Happens Live! on Bravo, Robin Thicke's wife had something interesting to say about Miley Cyrus twerkin' up on her man!

Paula Patton, the lovely wife of Robin Thicke, didn't seem too bothered by Miley's nasty dance moves twerkin' on her man at the 2013 MTV VMA's! This lady is definitely a confident woman and secure with her man. Amen sista!

Paula said she knew they had rehearsed the number for a few weeks and she didn't think it was a big deal. She said she didn't know what people expected of Miley, perhaps they expected her to play the piano! When asked if she washed Robin's "Beetle Juice"-striped pants afterward she said there was nothing to clean because they both had clothes on. LOL!

She also said that's how people dance: by stickin' their butts out, that's how all her girlfriends dance. What! Wow, Paula, I would like to be a fly on the wall at your house party!

I don't think as many women would have been as forgiving had it been their man.

God bless her heart, I see why Robin loves her so.

"Baggage Claim," Paula's new movie, will be in theaters next on Sept. 27.