There is a house here in New York unlike any other on the block, town or even the country.

Welcome to the Armour-Stiner House in Irvington, New York, also known as the "octagon house". As unusual as the design of the home is, the fact that it is believed to be the only domed octagonal residence still in existence in America makes it one of a kind. Now you can enjoy visit with special tours this Spring.

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The Armour-Stiner House is offering a "Springtime At the Octagon House" historic home & landscape tour. Experience what the home and grounds would have looked like in the late 1800's. See the restored greenhouse, romantic foxglove garden and the legendary birdhouse.

Visitors will also head inside the Octagon House to explore the first 3 floors. Tours are available each Thursday through Monday until June 27th. Purchase advance tickets HERE. Now, let's take a sneak-peak inside the house featured in the 1981 movie The Nesting or Across the Universe in 2007.

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