One Direction are making loads and loads of 'Midnight Memories' in their new video for the title track of their third album.

The video will debut this Friday, Jan. 31.

The boys were seen scaling tall buildings and reaching new heights during filming, which took place around the holiday season. More photos and a GIF from the shoot have surfaced.

From the evidence, we see that the boys also ride scooters and hang out with old ladies, planting smooches on 'em! OMG, so cute, right?!

We'd pucker up to seniors and ride scooters if it meant we got to hang with Harry and Niall and Liam and Zayn and Louis. That sounds like the best night ever… Quick, cue 'Best Song Ever.'

Check out this scooteriffic GIF from the shoot.

The boys also tweeted their excitement about the new single, which is a huge, super fun rocker over which they are not being sued!