Living Hood Legend Omar Epps stopped by The Breakfast Club this A.M. Omar Epps resume speaks for itself, Juice, Love And Basketball, Higher Learning, and The Wood.

Omar Epps stopped by The Breakfast Club and here's how it all went down:

-what was your favorite Omar Epps movie

- "Juice" is his favorite saying that it changed his life

- on working with Tupac “he was a powerful brother”

-how did you get the starring role in juice ( originally with the character Q)

-Got paid 12000 to star in Juice

-Hero was Sydney Pourie

-In too deep premiere

-Growing up without a father and changing the narrative in his book

-How men are disconnected to naturing

-Oldest daughter mom not around and trials of raising a daughter on his own

-Meeting his pops only once and only been with him for only four days in his whole life

-Speaking with his dad

-Didn’t hurt him not seeing his dad

-Never got to say bye to his dad before he died

-Mom helped him stay out of the streets

-Always felt a sense of value

-What is success?

-Fighting with Marlon Wayans and being friends

-Having good people in your circle

-Rap career

-What’s the difference between the shows he does now and then

-Cosby show having an effect on him

-Watching good times

-Book is self-reflecting

-Do you think the feel of getting 90s movie can come back

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