As we continue to highlight the arts and crafts in the Captial Region. The Hamilton Hill Arts Center Presents OBARO: PreViews, an art exhibit and workshop series led by visual and performance artist, OBARO.

If you aren't familar with OBARO here is his background:

OBARO is an Artist, Educator and MC with degrees from the University of Michigan and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. As an educator OBARO “Mr.O!” designs, instructs, and manages resources, services and opportunities for diverse communities through applications of S.T.E.A.M. an educational method that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics into interdisciplinary projects to engage critical thinking, hands-on learning and the exploration of creative approaches towards solving challenging problems. As an Artist OBARO creates social science informed work that explores the evolution of caricature identities through paradoxes of Rhythm, Space, & Time. His work has been featured in educational resources and multi media productions for independent clients, academic institutions and entertainment companies.

The workshop will begin with an opening reception and showcase of OBARO's work in our gallery space on Friday, May 31st at 6pm.

During the artist-led cooperative performance art workshops, attendees will have the option to observe or participate in a sequence of mild to moderately physical and engaging art-making activities to prompt reflection on their purpose, practice and position within the shared space while listening to music.

Some activities will involve using pens and markers. Other activities will involve flowing through sequences of movements while maintaining a stationary position or circulating the space with and without props.

The class is an opportunity to explore and express yourself through art and be guided by our featured arts educator, OBARO.

Schedule of Events

05.31 Fri 6-8pm Art Opening and Work Shop 01
06.01 Sat 6-8pm Work Shop 02
07.06 Sat 6-8pm Work Shop 03
08.03 Sat 6-8pm Work Shop 04

Workshop Fee: $20

Register at
or (518) 346-1262.

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