Students and parents can now track online how their local schools are doing when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus.

Nervous about your kids going to school during the pandemic? You can now monitor how the schools your kids are attending are doing with the coronavirus. According to a Daily Gazette story, the New York COVID-19 report card website is now operational. The website keeps a count of positive coronavirus cases among students and staff at public schools, charter schools, private schools, and higher education institutions according to the New York State Department of Health website. So basically, pretty much any learning institution in the state is being tracked on the site.

For parents who are sending their kids back to school, making sure the cases of coronavirus do not get out of control I would imagine is a high priority. Just this week in Clifton Park at Shen schools, we had a few positive cases come up. We are home-schooling our kiddos so far this year, but we are still keeping tabs on the virus situation. Homeschool or not, this is helpful info for any parent to determine what they think is safest for their child.

Also, tracking the schools as a whole on this website is a great way to see how we are doing overall with coronavirus cases in the state. The website is even tracking off-site cases of the virus (We have to fill out a screening report every morning even though we are home-schooling).

It is crazy how far-reaching the tracking has become during the pandemic. One has to hope all this data will allow us to control the spread of COVID-19 in our schools through the winter months.

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