The long going controversy over the New York State Common Core test may have come to a temporary resolution.

New York education leaders approved English and math standards Monday for students in prekindergarten through 12th grade, not quite replacing but substantially revising the controversial Common Core standards that rolled out in classrooms statewide five years ago.

A lot of the contreversey came because some of the problems were people were complaining about the test were biased and really don't judge how well a student is learning. The test have been in place for the past 5 years and have really had no effect on graduation and or success of students.

Education will always be under scrutiny but many complained that these test were the end all be all of education. Different people learn and process information in many different ways.

Real life skills like balancing a check book, managing a credit line, writing a resume, or excelling in an interview, arent covered on the test and these skills seem more substantial to me. If anything should be standardized and taught it should be life skills.

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