Nicki Minaj made the cover of the November issue of Marie Claire, and she has a lot to say about being a successful female in the rap game.

The New York rapper sat down for an interview Maire Claire where she talks about inspiring young women, working with Beyonce, double standards and competing with male rappers.

Minaj said she has taken a lot from Jay Z's career to leverage her own success.

“I can look at someone’s career and just pinpoint the do's and the dont's, and the one person I’ve done that with for my entire career was Jay Z. He did such a great job being an authentic street guy and a businessman, and I was like, 'Why aren’t there women doing that, taking the success from rap and channeling it into their empire?' I felt like anything he could do, I could do.”

She's touched on this subject of Jay Z before as well. Back in 2012, she made headlines for an interview she did with Allure magazine. "I'm coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul," Minaj said of Jay. Several people took it as a diss toward Hov, or a challenge, but now it seems she's just always admired what he's done with him career and wants that and more for herself.

The male competition isn't the only competition Nicki spoke on, when asked about double standards pertaining to women of color, she had a strong opinion about how people perceive her opposed to curvy white women.

"When Kim Kardashian's naked picture came out, [Sharon Osbourne] praised it, and my fans attacked her for being such a hypocrite. So it wasn't trashy and raunchy when a white woman did it, but it was when a black woman did it? It's quite pathetic and sad, but that is my reality, and I've gotten accustomed to just shutting it down."

Nicki also touched on how empowering it is to work with Beyoncé. "Every time Bey and I do something together, I see how women are inspired, and it has nothing to do with how we look," she said. "It has to do with how we are owning who we are and telling other women you should be the boss of your own career and the brains behind your life or your decisions or your art. I just love that feeling."

This issue of Marie Claire will be available on October 18. Until then, you can few some behind the scenes footage and other highlights of the interview, here.


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