You've got to hand it to Nicki Minaj -- she certainly knows how to make an entrance.

For her appearance Wednesday (Sept. 25) on 'Ellen,' the rapper wore tight leather pants and a short black jacket -- oh, did we mention that the jacket was the only thing she was wearing on top? And that she it was only fastened by the neck so that host Ellen DeGeneres, her studio audience and the whole world got a sideboob and underboob show in the middle of the afternoon? Yes, that.

Even Minaj seemed a little shy as she made her way to sit in the show's chair, even holding her jacket closed at one point. Ellen thought the whole thing was hilarious, of course. "That's quite a jacket you've got on," she said to Nicki, laughing. "You just wanted to button one button? You thought that was good?"

We knew that the pop star wasn't a big fan of shirts, thanks to that topless Instagram pic she posted over the summer, but there's another garment that's on her "Do Not Wear" list as well. "I hate bras, don't you?" Minaj asked the studio audience. "Bras are like the devil." So no to shirts and no to bras. The FCC is counting its blessings she likes jackets!

Ellen gives most of her guests a gift, usually a funny pair of underwear somehow customized for the particular star. Nicki got some very racy thongs. "I don't know, Ellen, this might be a little too much for me," she said, holding up one especially, uh, wild pair. DeGeneres might have thought that was even funnier than the jacket thing!

Things did get serious for a minute, when Nicki discussed her short-lived judging job on 'American Idol.' She confirms she has no interest in ever returning to the show, but wouldn't trade having done it "for the world."

"It was a great learning experience, honestly," Nicki said. "But literally as soon as 'Idol' was done, I did the Billboard Awards and then I flew to New York to shoot a movie. So, I didn't even get to sit back and think, 'What did I just do?' It kind of just happened so quick and then it was over."

Check out more clips from the show below!

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