It appears as though The Style Network has flipped formats from fun-filled reality tv programming to the contemporary male. So if you're looking for some of your favorite shows, its not your imagination, you can't find Style on your tv guide because its literally gone!

As I came home from work last night, I sat down to watch some of my favorite reality tv shows so I can check them in my nightly segment "Reality Check" @ 8:10pm, & to my surprise, low & behold, no Style Network! (gasp!)

I was going crazy flipping the channels, checking the tv guide, until finally I decided to call Time Warner Cable, my cable tv carrier.  Much to my dismay, the customer service rep confirmed my worst fears!  Over the weekend, "Style" decided to flip formats from women's reality tv based to "Esquire" which is contemporary male based programming. And there was some testosterone driven show on that was so boring.

I could not believe it! No more "Guiliana & Bill", "Tia or Tamera", "Hot Listings Miami" or "Jerseylicious".  I don't get it some of these shows were launching new seasons or in the middle of a current season. Viewers such as myself are outraged.  Hopefully, related networks such as "E", "Bravo!" or "Oxygen" will pick up the shows.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed. Afterall, a reality tv junkie like myself needs her fix of her favorites!! :-(  What's a girl to do?!

credit: getty images