Nicki Minaj sizzlin on the big screen these days alongside Cameron Diaz in the film "The Other Woman", which BTW took the #1 spot at the box office over the weekend! But what do you think of her her new look?

Nicki Minaj grabbed the world's attention for her loud, crazy, wild, eccentric style & costumes. But looks like these days Ms Minaj is tonin it down.

She was featured on the big screen over the weekend in her first on camera role alongside starlet Cameron Diaz in "The Other Woman" which grossed $24.7 million at the box office. Not bad for someone who's only actin experience is the high school drama club!

What do you think of her "plain jane" look? I think she looks absolutely beautiful & flawless in this nude Alexander McQueen dress with toned down hair & soft makeup. Do you feel she is being too simple & conservative these days? Do you like this new chic & demure version of Nicki? Or do you prefer the shocking Nicki with her harajuku barbie look you barbs?

What do you think of the new Nicki Minaj look? HOT or a HOT MESS?




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