Nick Cannon is still so woke, he says he's not voting in the upcoming presidential election.

Of course, Cannon has been incredibly vocal about the state sanctioned murder of black men at the hands of the police, recently attending Black Lives Matter protests in New York and at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, rocking a turban no less.

He's also shared his thoughts on social media about America's political process and constant battle with social justice, particularly for black people, so his stance isn't surprising. But some people were wondering if Cannon would change his mind about voting, especially with the hype surrounding the Democratic Convention. Short answer? Nope.

Cannon was on All Access talking about the presidential election and social justice movements.

"I've been doing peace rallies and marches, way before all of this," he said, adding that he's not trying to sound like he's an "OG" of the movement. "I've been in the community even before I was a celebrity. I was taught to be a pillar and if you are a true leader in your community, you gotta stand up and speak up." He added that he comes from a long line of ministers and community activists, so it's always in his life.

He went on to, once again, explain what #BlackLivesMatter actually means.

"It's ultimately really just trying to drive attention toward the issue. It's about social injustice and criminal injustice," he says. "It's not about separation and confusing concepts, we're just trying to bring attention to the issue."

He even joked about wearing a turban and black leather at the RNC before saying it was all love at the protest.

"[The turban] goes to my spiritual beliefs and expressing myself as a king and sovereignty," he says, before adding that he tries to impress upon young black people that they're kings and they're royal.

He said he salutes anyone who is using their voice, even if it's just through a hashtag, but he feels like it's his duty to be active in the community and speak out, otherwise he's done it a disservice.

"Will I be voting? I'll definitely be voting in my local elections," he stresses. "The pageantry of the presidency, I'm not really for that right now. I feel like local government is the most important, specifically in our community. Local elections are important.A lot of people will get up there and argue about Hillary or Donald Trump and then you ask them who their local councilman is and they're like, 'I don't know,' so I think we gotta start with the community."

He adds that although he knows people died for the right to vote, and he encourages everyone to exercise their right, he doesn't like that pageantry and it's a popularity contest.

"No matter who is elected president, there's still gonna be 14 year-olds in these disenfranchised communities," he says. "I'm focusing in that direction more than anything."

Watch Cannon's full interview above.


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