The New York Yankees have added Texas Rangers slugger Joey Gallo to their already big lineup. I say big because Gallo not only has 35 home runs this season but he is 6'5", to go along with 6'6" Gioncarlo Stanton and 6'7" Aaron Judge. UAlbany and Siena face front courts smaller than that in college hoops. Ok, that may be a stretch but those guys are really big Major League Baseball players.

According to Bryan Hoch of, "The Yankees finalized a deal to acquire Gallo, left-hander Joely Rodríguez and cash considerations from the Rangers in exchange for four prospects...the Rangers received: shortstop Josh Smith (Yankees' No. 14 prospect per MLB Pipeline); second baseman Ezequiel Duran (No. 15); second baseman/outfielder Trevor Hauver (No. 23); and right-hander Glenn Otto (No. 28)."

Some of the New York media is critical of the move for the Yankees but I think it is terrific. Gallo isn't available to be a free agent until after the 2022 season. The Yankees desperately need a better defender to help Judge in the outfield. Gallo can play all 3 outfield spots, 3b and first base. That all comes in handy.

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Joel Sherman of the New York Post noted that "Gallo was fanning (striking out) in 32.2 percent of his plate appearances this year — second highest among qualified batters. He has a career in which he has struggled driving in runners from third with less than two outs. His 40.7 this year is actually the best of his career and still lower than the 2021 Yankees rate of 43.8 percent — second-worst in the majors and central to the club’s woes this year."

However, Gallo has played his entire career for the woeful Texas Rangers. He's is an awesome baseball talent and I believe will thrive in New York with a better line-up around him. This is a great move but now Cashman has to double-down and get Max Scherzer from the Washington Nationals. The Yankees will not win without more pitching help and Scherzer would do the trick.

SIDE NOTE: Joey Gallo is a really good defensive player and has played centerfield many times. How about Stanton in left, Gallo in center and Judge in right? That would have to be the tallest outfield to ever play the game.

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