As you head out into the great outdoors this summer, you need to be aware of a dangerous plant. 

If you love to hike, camp or do anything in the wood pay close attention. According to a News 10 story the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is reminding us to be aware of the Giant Hogweed plant. While it is found mostly in Central and Western New York, the News 10 report says it has been spotted here in the Capital Region and contact with the dangerous plant can "...cause severe skin and eye irritation, including temporary or permanent blindness."

So what do you need to be looking for so you can avoid coming contact with this dangerous plant? You can find photos and information how to identify the plant on the DEC website. If you spot the plant, you should also report it to the DEC to assist with efforts to eliminate it.

Luckily, the plant is not very common here in the Capital Region. But knowing GNA nation, you will be venturing out and about to enjoy all that the outdoors have to offer all over Upstate New York this summer. So be on the lookout for the Hogweed and be careful!

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