When it comes to historic, charming and classic small town Main Streets, Upstate New York has an embarrassment of riches to share with visitors to our region.

A while back we published a gallery of a dozen of the best "main streets" in our region.  The story was the most popular we have ever published over the years.  In fact, more than a million people viewed that story! With an eye to that, here are another ten to add to your road trip bucket list.

VIEW GALLERY: These 12 New York State Small Towns Say ‘Meet Me On Main Street’

These Main Streets go by all sorts of names, like Church Street, Broadway, State Street, and others.  But they are all the life blood of these communities.

We have included a few larger cities in this list.  And why not?  River Street, in Troy, for example stands out as one of the best walkable "main streets" in the state.  Ithaca's The Commons also made our list.  But so did some very tiny communities that exude charm from every end of Main Street.  Places like Sharon Springs, Margaretville, and Ellicottville.  All are great with much to explore.

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We hope you will consider visiting these timeless Main Streets when you are able to get up and out and travel again.  We have linked many museums, restaurants, breweries, book stores, and historical sites for you to enjoy when you are taking your walk!

10 More Great Upstate New York "Main Streets" For You To Explore!

Several months ago we published a gallery of a dozen great Upstate New York Main Streets. It was wildly popular, so we have added to that list with ten new ones. Again, we use the term "Main Street" loosely. Several of these streets are not even called Main Street, but rather Church Street, State Street, or Broadway, etc. Still, these streets are the heartbeat of each community and they all deserve a visit from you this summer!

Enjoy Seeing Those Main Streets? Take A Look At The Original 12 We Profiled!

Typically the heart of any community is its Main Street. Upstate New York is no different. While big box stores, strip malls, and franchise restaurants can now be found at the outskirts of most towns, here are a dozen really nice small town Main Streets that would make for a perfect afternoon stroll. Check them out!

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