When COVID-19 struck the United States in early 2020, thousands of employees in New York were forced inside.

Instead of packing their lunch, grabbing their keys and heading into the office, workers in the Empire State woke up, cleaned everything above their shoulders, and positioned themselves in an aesthetically-pleasing area for their morning staff meeting.


This happened nationwide, and for many, is still the way of life multiple days a week, if not all week. And, statistics are showing that this way of life isn't all that bad.

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Working From Home is Improving New Yorkers' Health

A recent study by Swiss economists dove into the health of workers who are staying inside, and the amount of people who have been positively impacted by this trend is absolutely astounding.

Here is what the study yielded about the Empire State:

"The study revealed that a whopping 2.4 million New Yorkers who previously commuted over an hour per day before the pandemic, are now working from home and are living healthier lives." - 1AND1 Life

As you can see on this interactive map, the benefits are being felt nationwide:

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So, the next question is: why are people feeling healthier?

The Reasons Behind Working From Home Improving Health

New York residents are finding that working from home has benefits for both physical, and mental, health. Over 50% of respondents to a 1AND1 Life survey have said that the best part of staying at home is spending more time with their family.


Workers who commute to work are 6% more likely to become obese for each hour that they spend in the car, so not spending time in the car has had a positive effect on many people's weight. Workers are also spending more time making breakfast, and are taking the time to make a meal that is healthier. People are working out more, completing chores at better times, and dealing with far less stress than they would've had they been going into the office.

Of course, you can't re-create the social environment that an office creates, and certain jobs will always require in-person communication in order to maintain productivity. Others do not, however, and workers in New York State are reaping the benefits of remaining in their "home" office.

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