Juice Wrld fans are eagerly awaiting another posthumous album, but based on the consistent music leaks, Lil Bibby is threatening to abort the album release plans.

According to an unconfirmed Instagram DM from Lil Bibby, the CEO of Grade A Productions, the label Juice Wrld was signed to in conjunction with Interscope prior to his tragic passing in 2019, Bibby allegedly said that Juice's The Party Never Ends album may not come to fruition due to the constant song leaks.

"These leaks is getting out of hand," Lil Bibby typed in one message. In a follow-up, he wrote, "I Hope all the fans are happy, the party never ends might be canceled if all this shit leaks."

Meanwhile, a number of Juice Wrld fans are opining on Twitter, sounding off on how Bibby and Peter Jideonwo, partner and COO of Grade A Productions, have been releasing more of Juice's melancholy music when Juice's supporters prefer uptempo tracks.

Bibby and Peter have also been called out for potentially trying to ruin Juice Wrld's legacy.

One fan tweeted, "TPNE needs to be an album consisting mainly of feel-good hype Juice WRLD songs @LilBibby_ Do NOT do the 3 EP’s idea you had last summer. There could be a few exceptions like 1000 Times, Don’t Forget Me & In The Summer but this should heavily prioritize Juice’s hype side imo 🙏."

Another wrote, "You guys just don't know how to handle shit, You are ruining juice WRLD's legacy... Nice record label for real. @LilBibby_ @GradeAProd."

Meanwhile, Lil Bibby hopped on Instagram Live this week and revealed that the tracklist for The Party Never Ends will consist of himself featured on the Juice Wrld joints. However, it's unclear whether or not Bibby is joking and taunting Juice's fans.

He said on the livestream: "The Party Never Ends gon' be me featuring Juice on every song."

While the exact date the LP is supposed to arrive is currently unclear, fans are continuing to share their thoughts on the songs they'd like to appear on the effort as well as Bibby supposedly threatening to axe the release altogether.

XXL has reached out to Lil Bibby for comment.

Check out some fan reactions to Lil Bibby allegedly saying the release of The Party Never Ends will be canceled if the song leaks continue.

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