When you're watching a game, it can't just go on forever, right? Of course, there has to be time for commercials.

Professional athletes are celebrities, and those who play in New York (and New York City, specifically) have their stardom amplified. With that celebrity status, comes opportunities to endorse products, and appear in television commercials.

We sports fans are passionate, and if you see your favorite player representing a product, odds are, you're more likely to buy it, too.

Athletes have been involved in some memorable commercials over the years, and here are ten that involved New York athletes, and the fans who cheer for them.

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Yogi Berra for Miller Lite Beer

The first of a few memorable Yankees involved with Miller Lite, few have donned the pinstripes who are more likeable than Yogi.

Derek Jeter (w/Tiger Woods, Roger Federer) for Gillette

A parody of The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" music video, Derek Jeter is joined by two fellow legendary athletes in this spot for Gillette.

Billy Martin & George Steinbrenner for Miller Lite

The mere image of these two, on the same screen, and smiling next to one another, was enough to turn heads for Miller Lite in this TV spot.

The New York Giants for Pepsi

Why book one athlete, when you can have an entire New York team endorse your product? Plus, there's no better way to have your team bond, then by all of them getting talent fees.

Derek Jeter for Gatorade

Ahead of his retirement, Derek Jeter was part of a send-off commercial from Gatorade, showing his journey to the ballpark.

Carmelo Anthony for FootLocker

The best commercials have a bit of humor, and Carmelo Anthony dominating young players is definitely in that category.


The New York Rangers for Sasson Jeans

Who ever said that hockey players need skates to do their damage? Look at those moves!

Tom Seaver for Sears

Another one of the "good guys" in New York sports history, any brand was lucky to have Tom Seaver attached to their image and product.

Buffalo Bills and Marv Levy for Snickers

Sometimes, 15 seconds are all you need to sell a product, and Marv Levy and the Bills sold Snickers masterfully.

"Yo...Yao" Featuring Yao Ming in New York City

Last, but certainly not least, one of the biggest stars to hit the sports world in this century was Yao Ming. Yao stars in this funny credit card commercial, featuring the best and brightest from New York City.

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