You would figure with all the trees in our great state we wouldn't have to go elsewhere for the most famous Christmas tree on earth.

When you think about it, it is quite possible of all the states in the union New York is right near the top when it comes to the sheer number of pine trees in this state. It's got to be high millions or even billions. Ok, maybe not billions - but you get the point. We've got so many pine cones flying around every year it will make your head spin. And out of all those trees, one could not be found to place at Rockefeller Center for Christmas?

Really - Maryland?

That was pretty much my reaction when I saw this tweet about this year's Rockeller tree:

That's right. The tree came from the land of crab cakes and the place where Yankees fans love to go catch away games against the Orioles. Not from the land of one zillion Christmas trees. I guess I shouldn't go too crazy here as sourcing the tree from other states has happened from time to time.

But, let me put it this way: is Maryland coming to the Long Island sound to get crabs? I don't think so. Just like 'Fresh East River Crabcakes' just does not sound right (In fact that just sounds downright disgusting), neither does 'New York's Iconic Christmas Tree...from Maryland.'

I guess my point is this: the media spotlight will be shining on this tree from outlets worldwide for the 6 or so weeks it is standing at Rockefeller Center. We should be shining that light on all things New York, and showing all the love to the Empire State!

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