What's missing from Albany's south end? According to a local pastor, it's soft serve ice cream.

Both kids and adults in downtown Albany now have a new spot to get a favorite summer treat, right in their own neighborhood. Until recently, if you live in the south end and want soft serve, you would have to go over the river to Lickety Split in East Greenbush, down to Delmar at Tasty Freeze or up Central Ave to Kurver Kreme.

Now, a new community ice cream shop has opened its doors downtown, all the work of a local pastor.

Bishop Avery Comithier of Elijah Missionary Church wanted decided to fill the ice cream void in Albany's south end by opening his own ice cream shop in the basement of the church. In addition to soft serve, banana splits are on the menu, sundaes, even smoothies & slushies. He's offering the treats at a lower price than most other places in the area.

Avery Soft Service Ice Cream Shop offers more than just ice cream, his shop also offers table seating, a few classic arcade games, and a pool table. Avery's is open weekdays from 11am to 7pm and 2pm-7pm on weekends.

Props to Pastor Avery for brining this to the neighborhood. If you'd like to stop by, the church is located at the corner of 2nd Ave and Krank Street. Enter around the side of the building using the Krank Street entrance.

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