Comedian Nephew Tommy and producer Will Packer stopped by to promote their new reality show called 'Ready To Love' and much more.

-About Ready To Love and Why Will decided to do the show

-Contestants on the show are grown and know what they want

-Reasons why a woman is not "it" for you

-What's is considered CRAZY?

-Who were the hardest to work with on the show

-The show has all shapes, sizes, and skin tones.

-Camaraderie in the beginning on both sides until there was someone, someone liked...then there was drama

-There's an all access behind the scenes on where you can see the process of how people got on the show

-There's even a Pastor looking for love!

-Why Will Packer decided to try Reality TV

-Who was Will's "Gate keeper"?

-None of us do it alone and we have a responsibility to pay that forward

-Backlash Tommy received because of Steve Harvey's visit with Trump

-Night School's success

Peep the whole interview below and watch 'Ready To Love' on OWN.

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