The Bronx will forever be known as hip-hop's birthplace. When DJ Kool Herc began playing that boom bap at 1520 Sedgwick Ave., in 1973, he launched an unstoppable movement. Today, the genre is a global force in which rappers hail from every part of the world. In the case of rapper Ñengo Flow, all the way from Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Ñengo may be unfamiliar to some, but he has a remarkable following and the numbers don't lie. His Twitter account boasts an impressive 961,000 followers, his Facebook fans are more than 2.9 million and over 38,000 people follow him on Instagram. Not bad for a rapper who hasn't hit the mainstream yet.

In this interview, the reggaeton artist takes us through the streets of Bayamon as he describes his journey from a determined 14-year-old to a worldwide sensation. The Puerto Rican rapper is a man of action, one whose biggest accomplishment lies in "making believers out of the non-believers."

From his 'Real G4 Life (Real Gangster For Life)' mixtape series to his debut album 'Flow Callejero,' the 33-year-old doesn't sugarcoat his lifestyle when it comes to his lyrics. "This is why I label myself different. I call myself a hustler and I'm aggressive with my lyrics because I like to rap about what I have experienced firsthand in life," remarks Nengo.

Those qualities are demonstrated in some of the tracks he's released over the years like 'Muerte Instantanea' and 'Mi Plena.' There's a tough yet festive side to the artist as his music pairs Latin rhythms with gritty bars.

Think of Ñengo like a Spanish-speaking Tupac Shakur. People even have tattoos of him on their bodies and they paint murals of him around the world. He’s embraced by gangsters and music enthusiasts alike. From youths to adults, they embrace his music and his lifestyle.

Take a look into Ñengo Flow's world to find out what drives his ambition and the legacy he wants to leave behind.