Although we haven’t heard a peep from Kelly Rowland on the new music tip, she’s hardly resting on her laurels. The R&B songbird is in the early planning stages of recording her fifth solo studio album.

During her interview with Billboard, K.Row revealed that her follow-up to last year’s 'Talk a Good Game' will including production assists from two heavyweight producers.

"Pharrell [Williams] is on board. We already talked about it," she said.

We are certainly 'Happy' about that -- puns intended.

The two have collaborated before. The Neptunes producer blessed Rowland with 'Feet to the Fire,' which was a bonus track on her 'Talk a Good Game' album.

The newly engaged singer is in talks to bring Timbaland onboard as well. "I'd love for Timbaland to be on board. We've had discussions as well," Rowland shares. "It’s all still very early."

"I want to try to some new talent as well," she added in regard to new producers. "There’s so much new talent. There’s somebody out there with something new to give and I'd love to tap into that as well."

Outside of the studio, Rowland has been on a campaign to help teens get a proper education in America.

The former Destiny’s Child singer was on Capitol Hill Tuesday (April 8) to support the Taco Bell Foundation’s $30 million funding to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, of which she is an ambassador.

Clearly, Kelly Rowland is keeping herself busy.