When it comes to love, who better to offer advice than R&B loverboy Ne-Yo. The Grammy-winning artist released his '3 Simple Rules' EP to help couples get in a lovey-dovey mood.

The 13-minute collection features three new songs: 'New Love,' 'Bigger Than This' and 'Gotchu Right.' There's also an 'Outro,' in which Ne-Yo expounds more advice on love and life.

The doo-wop-inspired 'New Love' features Ne-Yo offering his first helpful tip -- always keep the love fresh and new. "My new love / Let's make up and break up every time / So we always stay brand new," he sings.

The second tune, the melodic ballad 'Bigger Than This,' is a reminder that love is bigger than any argument that you may have with your lover.

"Girl I'm into you intently / So can we make everything okay? / It's a love-hate kind of thing with us baby," he croons. "Girl, I'm sorry for the wrong I did."

Finally, Ne-Yo offers some sexual healing on 'Gotchu Right,' which features the most important rule of all -- satisfy your partner completely in the bedroom.

"Stop staring at the ceiling with your mouth open / I got chu there a few times (leg shaking) / Making you come again and again and again / Oooh, thirsty," he swoons.

Overall, Ne-Yo gives some wonderful advice that should help boost your love life with your significant other. If you are single, these are some get songs you can add in your music stash for a future rendezvous in the bedroom.

Listen and learn below.

Listen to Ne-Yo's '3 Simple Rules' EP