Saw this on Facebook it is happening in Albany in wake of the Mike Brown/Eric Garner protest happening nationally.


What is Happening?

Responding to a request from Ferguson for national action at U.S. Attorneys offices around the country this week, the local Capital District Ferguson Response group is planning to go to the US Attorney based in Albany at 445 Broadway Suite #18 today, December 5 at 3:30pm.

What are the Demands?
The national demands, which were brought to President Obama and to US Attorneys offices in other cities, are attached below, along with the demand that Darren Wilson be brought up on civil rights charges. Our local group is also working on some additional demands relevant to Eric Garner and reflective of local needs.

A Special Appeal To Those Who Have Been Targeted.
We would like to strengthen the impact of our demands by putting forward the voices of those who have experienced police targeting, harassment and/or violence. Some of our group will speak to their personal experiences and we hope others will join us.