So, Darren Wilson wasn't indicted on any criminal justice yesterday. I knew this was going to happen, so I'm not really disappointed.

I just see this situation as another name to add to racial injustices that we have seen since the beginning of America. I hope these protests continue and people fight for racial equality amongst all Americans.

Hip-hop has been quiet in the last couple of years about social injustices. When hip-hop was first created it was an outlet to express alternative view points on society. Nowadays, hip-hop songs rarely have a subject matter and when they do, it's mainly about selling drugs, having sex, and how much more money they allegedly have than the rest of us. A lot of these same artists are becoming socially conscious and speaking out about the social injustice that just took place in Ferguson.

Here is hip-hop's response to the current tragedy:

Q Tip hit the streets

Killer Mike hit the stage and gave an emotional speech

August Alsina cried