The family of Michael Brown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson on Thursday, seeking unspecified damages and police reforms after the 18-year-old's killing by a white policeman prompted a national debate on law enforcement and race.

The civil lawsuit filed in St. Louis County, Missouri, names the city of Ferguson, former Police Chief Thomas Jackson and former police officer Darren Wilson as defendants. The lawsuit seeks $75,000 in compensation, as well as unspecified punitive damages, and calls for a court order prohibiting the use of police techniques "that demean, disregard, or underserve its African-American population.

A grand jury not to bring criminal charges against Wilson. The U.S. Department of Justice later cleared the police officer of any civil rights violations.

I wonder how they came up with the monetary value of 75K ? I think a person's life is a worth a little more than that. Do you think the family will win the trial ? I do, I'm sure 75k is worth shutting them up there will be probably be a clause in the settlement that prevents them from speaking about the case anymore.